Bayer increases sales and earnings – leader in agriculture after acquisition

  • Group sales at €39.6 billion (Fx & portfolio adj. +4.5%)
  • EBITDA before special items increases to €9.5 billion (+2.8%), held back by currency effects of approx. €0.5 billion
  • Pharmaceuticals with higher sales (Fx & portfolio adj.) and slightly lower earnings
  • Consumer Health: sales level with prior year (Fx & portfolio adj.), earnings decline
  • Crop Science reports sales gains, substantially higher earnings due to the acquisition, integration off to a strong start
  • Positive safety profile of glyphosate unchanged – Bayer vigorously defending itself against lawsuits
  • Net income at €1.7 billion, impacted by one-time effects
  • Core earnings per share at €5.94, above expectations
  • Proposed dividend of €2.80 per share, leading to record pay-out
  • Net financial debt at €35.7 billion – significantly better than expected
  • Bayer confirms 2019 Group outlook and 2022 targets


+ 4.5 %

EBITDA Before Special Items

+ 2.8 %

Net Income

1.7 billion

Core Earnings per Share


Proposed dividend of

€2.80 per share, leading to record pay-out

Investment in Research and Development

5.2 billion

1(Fx & portfolio adj.)

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