Focus on Innovation

Consumer Health

At Consumer Health, we concentrate on developing new nonprescription ( OTC (over-the-counter) designates the business with nonprescription medicines. ) products and solutions that improve consumer health and well-being in the areas of pain and cardiovascular risk prevention, dermatology, nutritional supplements, digestive health, allergy, cough and cold, foot care and sun protection. The focus lies on product developments that are aligned to the desires and needs of consumers. Our innovations range from new product formulations and packaging to technical applications and medical devices. In addition, we developed around 40 new Consumer-validated concepts are concepts that are assessed in terms of their potential for success through consumer surveys conducted as part of market research activities. in 2018, thus exceeding our target. Consumer Health maintains a global network of research and development facilities, with sites in the United States, France, Germany and China. A further important part of our innovation strategy is transitioning current prescription medicines that are suitable for self-care to OTC status (Rx-to-OTC switches). In the United States, China, Germany and other core markets, we will continue to make progress in e-commerce by increasing sales and market share on key e-commerce platforms.

Bayer worldwide; see also graphic in Chapter “Corporate Structure”

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